• Mohammed Hussein Ahmed
  • Ahmed Kareem Shibeeb
  • Fadhil Hanoon Abbood



Henon map, Image cryptosystem, Gray difference degree (GVD), Encryption quality


Chaos-based image encryption has great significance as a branch of image security. So, a series of chaos-based cryptosystems protecting digital images are proposed in recent years. But, most of them have been broken as a result of poor encryption structure. This research paper suggests an effective image encryption structure to resist possible attacks. The proposed method employs plain image related Henon map (PIHM) for shuffling and diffusion processes in a connected way which is different from conventional chaotic based image encryption systems, since the initial conditions of diffusion process are established based on the initial conditions of shuffling process. The principle of confusion is achieved by shuffling the pixels over all the rows and columns. And the diffusion is ensured by using XOR operation of current shuffled pixel value with the previous value, and random pixel produced from PIHM map. The results of simulation and security analysis indicate that the proposed scheme has desirable encryption effects and is robust against different common attacks.


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Ahmed, M. H., Shibeeb, A. K., & Abbood, F. H. (2020). AN EFFICIENT CONFUSION-DIFFUSION STRUCTURE FOR IMAGE ENCRYPTION USING PLAIN IMAGE RELATED HENON MAP. International Journal of Computing, 19(3), 464-473.