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The International Journal of Computing Journal was established in 2002 on the base of Branch Research Laboratory for Automated Systems and Networks, since 2005 it’s renamed as Research Institute for Intelligent Computer Systems. A goal of the Journal is to publish papers with the novel results in Computing Science and Computer Engineering and Information Technologies and Software Engineering and Information Systems within the Journal topics. The official language of the Journal is English. The issues of the Journal are published quarterly. The Editorial Board consists of about 50 recognized worldwide scientists.

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Open Special Issue on Green Computing and Smart IoT Systems for Industry and Human Domains


Information and communication technologies (ITs) and IT-based systems are, on the one side, a mean for energy systems and grids monitoring, control and instrumentation, power low management and safety ensuring. On the other side, IT-based systems, networks and infrastructures are weighty consumers of energy and other resources.

The most challengeable IT domains which can be called energy or power consumption critical are mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. For such systems time of autonomous operation is extremely important. The same challenge is key for on-board software or FPGA based devices and systems for human, transport, space and other industry applications. Development of green software and green computing is a hot trend of IT engineering as a whole.

The primary purpose of the special issue is to discuss these problems. We would like to invite researchers, developers, experts on green IT engineering, mobile and smart systems, IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies to submit development and implementation techniques, methods and tools for assessment, optimization and improving of energy, power and resource as a whole related characteristics of embedded and distributed systems.

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Current Issue

2022, Volume 21, Issue 2
Published: 2022-06-30


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