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Amol C. Adamuthe, Tushar R. Nitave


Resource Allocation problem is finding the optimal assignment of finite available resources to tasks or users. Resource allocation problems refer to a wide range of applications such as production, supply chain management, transportation, ICT technologies, etc. Resource allocation problems are NP-hard in nature where the objective is to find the optimal allocations satisfying given constraints. Harmony search (HS) algorithm is a meta-heuristic population based algorithm found good for solving different optimization problems. This paper presents adaptive harmony search (AHS) for solving one-dimensional bin packing problem (BPP) and multi-objective virtual machine placement problem (VMP). The proposed real coded solution representation supports partial constraint satisfaction. Adaptive pitch adjustment rate (PAR) based on population diversity improves the performance of harmony search algorithm. Results show that proposed HS gives optimal solution for 50 BPP instances with 100 % success rate. The performance reduced for large instances of BPP. The proposed weighted AHS for multi objective VMP problem gives better results than genetic algorithm.


Harmony Search Algorithm (HS); Bin packing problem (BPP); Virtual machine placement problem (VMP); Meta-heuristic.

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